Liu Pengli (Prince of Jidong, China) – 2nd-century BC Spree Killer


One the earliest known serial killers. He was the nephew or perhaps cousin of Emperor Jing of Han. For two brutal decades, he went on nightly excursions with 10-20 slaves or young men running from the law to murder and pillage for sport. In the end, his total number of confirmed kills exceeded 100. One of the victims sons finally reported his bloody hobby to the emperor but instead of listening to the court’s suggestion of death, the emperor spared his kin, only stripping him of his titles and banishing him from the kingdom. A small price to pay for the terror he produced.

Many were afraid to leave their houses at night as others knew of his savage deeds. How he evaded justice for so long is beyond my understanding. Perhaps the emperor knew all along but decided to turn a blind eye.